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Nineplus The Pony | 6’8

Nineplus The Pony | 6’8

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This board is held in our shop in Newquay, Cornwall. If you would like to enquire further, please drop us an email at

The Pony is a mini version of the ‘Dark Horse’ by Maxx Dexter and is similar to other shortboard inspired funshapes.

The rails are more performance oriented with 60/40 pinched rails create plenty of control off the tail. The outline features a soft hip through the squash tail, parallel rail line to a pulled in nose which offers lift to help with forward projection.

The rocker is flat in the center with a bit of vee in the tail to give down the line speed with control off the back foot. This gives the board a smooth line with just enough bite to make it functional.

Ideal wave height: 4ft-8ft.  

Fin set-up: 2 + 1: Single or with sidebites.

Rails: Slightly pinched 60/40 downturned rail.  

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