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Ladies Catsuit | 4/3mm

Ladies Catsuit | 4/3mm

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The iconic Nineplus Ladies catsuit in 4/3mm, we started making this model of wetsuit in 2002 and were probably the first brand to put the zip in the front of the wetsuit which had not been done since the mens suits of the 1970's. We did this when other companies thought we were crazy and it would never work. The reason we did was we wanted to differentiate the ladies and mens wetsuits and felt that the aesthetic created and extenuated the ladies figure.

In 2015 we changed the torso and not only increased the zipper length but also made the bodice using 8 separate pieces of neoprene copying a ladies 1920's corset. This created not only a very good fit but also a very flattering effect and an even more feminine style. Its still comfortable as there is a small panel behind the zipper of 3mm so its still comfortable to lay on. This new model also features small ankle zippers to help with getting the wetsuit on and off after a surf.

Please note that if we do not hold the stock here in the UK, there may be a lead time of 4 weeks for delivery from the USA.



  • Fast Drying

With only a single layer of super stretch nylon, and with Yamamoto being 99.7% impermeable to water the suit will dry out in under 15 mins when left to dry inside out.

  • Thermal Lining

Zirconium lined core, this is a dermatological body warming material with a very low water absorbency. Extremely light weight and durable, being the most durable on the market.

  • Glued and Blind Stitched

Blind stitched seams throughout, as well as Japanese glue seals which act like welded seams but lighter and more comfortable to the conventional glues. The suits all have rubber taped seams on ankles, wrists and behind the knees and strategically placed to prevent water flushing through the wrists and ankles.

  • Kanako Knee Panels

Japanese Kanako knee panels. A comfortable durable, lightweight and flexible outer knee pad that protects you and the board.

  • Zipped Ankles

Added zips to the ankles to make it easier to take the suit on and off, and to create a snug fit around the ankles.

  • Recycled Materials

Yamamoto neoprene is composed of mineral calcite (Calcium Carbonate) and recycled carbon black from old car tyre's. This type of neoprene is arguably the most environmental friendly way to produce neoprene.

  • Feather Light

Weighing just over 1kg or 2.2lbs when dry, and increases by 0.5kg or 1.1lbs when fully wet. Drying time of 15 mins in 66F.

  • Water Proof

99.7% water impermeable making it the lightest and warmest neoprene on the market, because it does not soak up water.

  • Wind Proof

Yamamoto smooth skin does not hold hold water like conventional neoprene. Without any water contained within the suit then being cooled by the wind, you are noticeably warmer. Wind chill is the main reason you get cold in the water.

  • Advanced Cell Structure

Yamamoto 23% denser uniform micro cell structure ensures that if your suits surface gets scratched new independent concave micro cells are exposed to ensure continued functionality.

  • Stretch Memory

Yamamoto's maximum elongation is 480-530%. The human skin greatest elongation is found in the armpit is only 60-70%. Yamamoto never gets stretch marks, this equates to over 10x more stretch memory than other mainstream neoprene brands.

LCS from Nineplus & Hasu on Vimeo.


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