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Mini Magic Carpet | 6’6" X 21 3/16" X 2 1/4"

Mini Magic Carpet | 6’6" X 21 3/16" X 2 1/4"

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The Nineplus Magic Carpet:

  • Starburst Resin Tint
  • Navy Blue / Green
  • Single Fin
  • Shaped by Max Dexter
  • Shaped and glassed in California

Basically, a Longboard with the centre 2½ft chopped out, the 'Magic Carpet' is the board of choice for many reasons. It has the same width in the nose, tail and centre point as a traditional Longboard, meaning it paddles and picks up waves very easily while remaining stable in the bigger waves and pulling power out of the smaller ones. In contrast to a longboard however the reduced rail line allows you to turn much tighter and so the boards feels more responsive.

The rounded pintail keeps the board in the face of the wave while the full rails keep the board buoyant and smooth through the turns. We use a bespoke ‘Magic Carpet’ blank to get the board as flat as possible which enables it to paddle, catch waves & trim easily. The ‘Magic Carpet’ also draws as much speed as possible from the wave as a flat rocker keeps the flat surface of the bottom connected to the power within the wave. The Magic Carpet also has a lot of volume throughout and this is carried right through to the nose & tail. There is just enough lift left in the nose to avoid pearling (nosediving) while keeping the board working.

The ‘Magic Carpet’ is one of the most copied shapes in the market. Nineplus have been creating them since 2000 when ‘Kevin ‘Magic Feet’ Connelly’ designed it. Now a registered trademark Nineplus are the original and they are imported from California. From some of the finest resin tint work & volan glassing through to more classic white finish. This board has become one of the most recognised in the market as they are simply one of the most fun to ride, travel with, put in the car, lend to the Mrs, surf when its small, ride on an average day, ride all the time, well you get it……

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